Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bush Switches to Democratic Party

In a brilliant political move, Karl Rove has convinced President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney to leave the Republican Party and become Democrats. According to Rove, all of the failed policies of the Bush administration can now be blamed on the Democrats.

Regarding the debacle in Iraq, Rove said, "It was authorized by a Democratic president and vice president so the blame belongs to the Democratic party." Rove continued with a long list of items such as ballooning deficits, condoning of torture, environmental poisoning, all of which he blamed on the Democratic Party. Rove said the game plan for the congressional elections of 2006 is now to run again the Democrats who lied America into an unjust and illegal war in Iraq while supporting ruinous financial policies and creating a culture of corruption. Rove expects to gain Republican seats in both the house and senate with this new turn of events. Rove was also mum about whether Bush and Cheney would switch back to the Republican Party after the 2006 elections.


Anonymous me said...

Plenty of people would fall for that tactic.

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