Friday, September 26, 2008

Presidential Candidates Debates Cancelled in Favor of Game Shows

Washington D.C. - Both the Obama and the McCain campaigns have announced that due to the economic crisis facing the nation they will be cancelling the scheduled debates. Instead, both the Presidential and the Vice Presidential nominees will face off in a series of classic game shows.

“These game shows typically only take 30-60 minutes, which is about the maximum attention span of the American voter, if you figure in commercial breaks,” explained Marcia Funebre of The League of Women Voters, the group sponsoring the game show contests. “And this way the contestants, I mean nominees, can concentrate on more important things, like raising money.”

For the first contest, Senators Obama and McCain will contend in “The Price Is Right”, trying to figure out just how much the American taxpayer will pay to save the economy and for the continuing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“The Dating Game” will allow Senators McCain and Obama a chance to pick that special someone for Secretary of the Treasury!

“Jeopardy” will test the overall knowledge of Senators Obama, McCain, Biden and Governor Palin. Although the exact categories are guarded, questions will cover American history, world history, domestic current events, world current events, foreign affairs, world leaders, public policy and the environment.

“Let’s Make a Deal” will pit Obama and McCain against each other in a 60-minute mad dash to see who can reach consensus first with House Democrats, House Republicans, Senate Democrats, Senate Republicans, The Treasury, The State Department and The Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Each of the four candidates will make a solo appearance on “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought the debate was a tie.

McCain came off as warmer, which is going to count a lot for some people. But, Obama came off as knowledgable on foreign affairs, and scored a lot of points by linking the economy to America's military strength.

It seemed as if McCain played offense and Obama played defense.

Neither one got rattled by the other, both came off as intelligent and capable.

I imagine that if I were an "undecided" voter I'd still be undecided.


8:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont think it was really a tie becuase this was supposed to be McCain's strongest debate.


10:16 AM  

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