Thursday, October 02, 2008

Class President Refuses to Release Homework Citing Executive Privilege

Watertown N.Y. – The Watertown High School senior class president today refused to release portions of her French homework assignment citing “executive privilege.”

“I can see Canada from the upstairs bathroom window if I stand on my tiptoes and squint,” said 2009 Senior Class President Elizabeth Picard. “This gives me foreign policy experience. And, I’m class president, so that gives me executive privilege. Plus, I was almost in the Model UN. I wasn't in the Model UN but I could have been if I hadn't had a conflict with band; we had an away game.”

Interviewed by the Yearbook Committee, Ms. Picard said, “Releasing my homework for French class could have serious destabilizing consequences for our neighbor to the north. This could affect the American economy. It could be, like, totally bad.”


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