Thursday, September 27, 2007

Today's Daily Quiz: September 27, 2007

Bush once asked “Is our children learning?” He answered himself recently, “Childrens do learn.” How would Bush, in his own very special way, answer the question, “ Why do you think No Child Left Behind is a good idea?”

Today's DQ courtesy of pinko

Previous DQ: Dick Cheney says that he doubts he’ll be remembered because most vice presidents aren’t. He joked that that he’s “more like the flavor of the month." What flavor is Dick Cheney?
Answer: OK, way too many good answers. See for yourself here.


Blogger America Jones said...

Now, what you have to understand is, childrens is competition. Competition is good. It's healthy. Competition innovates. This is America. When our childrens compete, America is better. We need a strong America. A better America. An America that competes, and where our childrens is strong. Because terrorism needs strong leadership. Leadership that understands strength, and competition. And America. And I understand a lot of people don't like my approach. I understand that. I know I have critics. But we're fighting a global war. This is a new kind of war. This is a war that requires a strong America, led by leadership. We're not going to lose this war. Our children will grow up in a better, safer America. That's my job. Thank you, and God bless America.

7:01 AM  
Anonymous joe said...

"First, Pinko, I'd like to thank you for asking me that what with all the focus in the media lately on our struggles with evil doers over there and the cut and runners in Congress and the Democrat party over here. It's nice to talk about something near and dear to both Laura's and mine's hearts for a change - not leaving the child behind. All kinds of bad things can happen if children are left behind. Remember that movie with that cute little kid who's parents forgot to take him with them on vacation once? Not only did the kid have to figure out how to feed himself, he had to fight off two crooks trying to steal Christmas. That whole movie is a symbol for me about what would happen when schools leave the child behind. If you don't hold teachers accountable, hold them to high standards and measure the teacher's teaching with tests, evil doers will try to steal Christmas." - W.

7:55 AM  
Blogger Mike Rappaport said...

A child's behind is a very special thing. I remember when I was younger, I worked with a Cub Scout den, and it was wonderful to see the young firm American behinds jiggling up and down as those boys hiked.

These days, with the terrible problem we have with childhoods obesities, our child's behinds are becoming larger and larger.

That's why we can't leave our childrens to be responsible for their own behinds, and that's why I'm appointing my new NCLB director, Mark Foley.

12:56 PM  
Anonymous pinko said...

Omg! You guys are inspired today!

5:02 PM  
Anonymous pinko said...

america jones/joe - LOVE the audio clip on your site!

5:05 PM  
Blogger Lilith said...

I....bow my head humbly before America Jones.

7:22 PM  

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