Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The October, November, December, January Surprises

The Bush Administration is in office through the first 3 weeks of January. In all the excitement, the polls, the debates and that "lame duck" label it's easy to forget they are still in control.

They have almost 3 months in which to create more chaos:

The EPA, now renamed the Environmental Pollution Agency, will be lowering protections further by allowing more power plant emissions into the air.

The Endangered Species are getting even more endangered.

The White House desperately wants to sign an accord by January 1, 2009 with Iraq which states we'll be in that country an additional 3 years; this accord even has a clause that says "cancellation of this agreement requires a written notice provided one year in advance." (If we don't do that I guess we forfeit our security deposit. It didn't say whether Iraq would be required to repaint prior to the next occupation.)

Speaking of security of our homeland, the White House also doesn't want to abide by the law because following the law might allow Congress undoctored information.

Recently we've invaded the sovereign space of Syria. We've already conducted military operations in Pakistan. These actions were without the knowledge or consent of the affected countries. (Of course, America has a long history of invading one place and then oozing into another; Vietnam, Laos - whatever.)

And, it's only October. What other nasty surprises are in store? I just don't see Cheney leaving office without bombarding Iran especially since Ahmadinejad is supposedly "exhausted." (Or perhaps the CIA is carrying out another brilliant scheme)

It ain't over til it's over...


Anonymous GeorgiaBlue said...

Let's not forget that Bush has infested the entire judiciary with right-wing extremists who will continue to damage the country for decades. The long national nightmare will continue even after the crooks leave town.

11:25 AM  

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