Saturday, November 01, 2008

Alaska Separates From U.S. & Makes Palin President

Juneau, Alaska - A large group a people from the Alaskan Independence Party surrounded the Alaska Capital Building with hundreds of snowmobiles this weekend and then seized control of the Alaska legislature in a predawn attack. Todd Palin, a leader of the Alaska Independence Party, then removed the American flag from the Capital Building and threw it in a dumpster before replacing it with the new flag of the independent country of Alaska showing a polar bear being shot from a helicopter.

Todd Palin then proclaimed that his wife, Sarah Palin, was no longer governor but was now President of Alaska. In accepting her ascendance to the leadership of the country of Alaska, President Sarah Palin thanked her husband Todd and all of the patriots who rescued Alaska from the "non-patriotic non-believing devil worshippers of the Lower 48."

In her first official act as president of Alaska, Sarah Palin revoked all of the treaties and obligations binding Alaska to the United States of America and declared that "Alaska would no longer honor any extradition agreements between the independent country of Alaska and the United States."

In reaction, a visibly pleased Senator Ted Stevens said, "Long live the sovereign nation of Alaska!"


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