Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Fox News Anchors To Wear Brown Shirts

New York, New York - In an attempt to standardize their dress policy, Rupert Murdoch has informed all anchors that they are now required to wear brown shirts as an homage to Fox News' ideological underpinnings which have their origin in early twentieth century Europe. In addition, female anchors must be blonde (natural or not), have the latest in breast implant technology and must also report to Murdoch each and every morning for personal inspection.

The new dress code was warmly received by the employees of Fox News who, at their daily pep rally, enthusiastically saluted Murdoch before marching off in unison to carry out their freshly issued orders.


Anonymous Erika said...

Bill O'Reilly already has a closet filled with brown shirts. He was just waiting for them to come back in style.

10:39 AM  

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