Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Today's Daily Quiz: August 14, 2007

Now that Karl "Turdblossom" Rove is leaving the White House. What will his next job be?

Previous DQ: Most independent observers say that the Karl Rove inspired "surge" strategy in Iraq is a failure. Another monumental moment in surge failures occurred when George Herbert Walk Bush had the misfortune to experience a premature surge while locked in a carnal embrace with his then girlfriend, Barbara Pierce, in the back seat of a Rolls Royce in the parking lot of the Kennebunkport Country Club. Three months later, they were married. Six months after their marriage, Barbara gave birth to a "premature" baby boy named George W. Name other famous or infamous surges in history.
Answer (thanks to GeorgiaBlue): There was the infamous surge of paid Bush campaign officials who went to Florida and illegally, immorally and unethically stopped the counting of Democratic votes which put the disastrous Bush into office.


Blogger Steaming Pile said...

Sensei at a Sith dojo?

7:12 AM  
Anonymous joe said...

Sheeoot, '08 may be down the craphole, but we got 'nuther guvner in Texas to git 'lected president in 2012! I'm talkin' 'bout Guvner Goodhair hisself, Mr. Rick Perry. Perry's got the no-tax thing down, seized land by imminenet domain for the Trans-Texas cooridor then sold it to private companies to build a for profit toll road. Perry's also got the busiest death row in the country. Plus, Rick's better lookin' than Bush ever was. Perry in One-Two!

8:21 AM  

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