Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hillary Pulls 16 Wheel Semi-Trailer With Teeth

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - In a move calculated to show her toughness and steely resolve as she vies for the nomination to be the Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton pulled a heavy 16 wheel semi-trailer 100 yards using only her bare teeth and a leather harness as cheering supporters applauded and threw confetti.

After completing this strenuous feat of strength Hillary issued a challenge to Barack Obama saying, "I just pulled 15 tons of dead weight 100 yards with my bare teeth and I didn't even break out in a sweat. You hear that Obama? I'm talking to you. I dare you to do the same thing. I double-dare you! You think you're man enough to take me on? Prove it! Until you do, I just showed the entire world that I am the only candidate, other than John McCain, who has passed the commander-in-chief test."

When asked to comment on the challenge issued by Hillary, a bemused Barack Obama smiled and then said, "If only she showed that same strength six years ago and voted against giving Bush the authorization for war in Iraq."


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