Friday, March 28, 2008

Obama Pressed To Renounce Nat Turner

Washington, D.C. - Tim Russert, chief Washington correspondent for NBC News, today called on Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama to renounce Nat Turner and the slave rebellion he led in which 57 white men, women and children were killed.

Speaking to Brian Williams on NBC's Nightly News, Russert said, "If Barack Obama fails to deal with this issue head on and does not release a strong condemnation of Nat Turner and the slave rebellion of 1831 then the average American voter will assume that Obama supports the killing of white landowners and his campaign for the presidency of the United States is doomed."

When questioned about Russert's comments, Obama said, "Sure, I'll condemn Nat Turner and the slave rebellion as soon as Tim Russert condemns the Spanish Inquisition, slavery, and the massacre at Wounded Knee."


Blogger Luciferatu said...

What an idiot! How in the world is a slave revolt from 177 years ago relevant at all to this campaign, other than the fact that both Obama and Nat Turner are black men? Should he also be compelled to renounce Mike Tyson? O.J. Simpson? Michael Jackson? Marion Barry? I guess in Russert's warped racist view Obama should renounce every black man in history whose actions Russert takes issue with. Should Hillary be required to renounce Marge Schott? Tokyo Rose? Eve?

Also, Russert should note that it wasn't white "landowners" Nat Turner went after. It was white "slave-owners." So if we can assume anything from Obama not condemning Nat Turner, it would be that Obama supports the violently oppressed overthrowing their oppressors by any means necessary. And, really, who can argue with that? Idiot!

5:34 PM  
Blogger Luciferatu said...

Oh, heh, I took a look around your site. Parody. Irony. I get it. (takes foot out of mouth) Please to ignore earlier post...

5:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Obama should renounce Tim Russert (on behalf of his mother's side of the family), otherwise voters might assume Obama supports assholes.


7:28 PM  

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