Monday, November 10, 2008

Did Cheney Shred Dry Cleaning Tickets By Mistake?

Washington, DC – Beltway insiders are saying that the missing dry cleaning tickets needed to claim Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s clothing may have been shredded by Vice President Cheney in error.

“You know how it is when there’s a transition of administrations,” said a senior administration official who preferred to remain anonymous, “there’s so much shredding to be done and e-mails to be deleted and phone records destroyed and people to send to Antarctica. We think Dick just got a little carried away. He saw something that looked like documentation so naturally he wanted to get rid of it.”

The Vice President was not available for comment. The Vice President’s office released a statement to the press that said, in part, “Vice President Cheney is doing his best to tidy up so everything is nice and clean for Sen. Biden.”


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