Thursday, November 13, 2008

Satirists Mourn Passing of Palin Candidacy

New York – Columnists, stand-up comics and political cartoonists gathered today to mourn the passing of the McCain-Palin candidacy of 2008. Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin provided bountiful material to satirize from her gosh-darn speaking style to her television interviews, public statements and press conferences. Although Gov Palin still offers herself as a target, for example during the recent Republican Governor’s Convention it is just not the same as when she was clearly at the center of a national media-storm.

“It was like shooting fish in a barrel,” said a somber Andy Borowitz, “It was like getting paid to fall off a log, or to wake up in the morning. Now I’ll have to think up jokes about Obama’s ears.

“All I had to do was put my hair up,” said Tina Fey, a bit wistfully. “We didn’t write anything, we just took it straight from the [Katie] Couric interview. How sweet is that?”

Political cartoonists were subdued. Tom Toles noted that "Sarah Palin jokes were like taking a vacation." Don Asmussen agreed, "Palin jokes just worked on so many levels."

“Well,” replied Jon Stewart, “we’ll still have Biden.”


Anonymous GeorgiaBlue said...

Gosh darnit! I bet the next career move for Sarah the Palin is to sell costume jewelry on the Home Shopping Network, you betcha!

9:57 PM  

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