Thursday, November 13, 2008

Supreme Court Ponders "Gumby or Pokey?"

Pleasant Grove City, Utah – The Pokey Pals Society thought that their gift of a 40-foot Pokey statue for Pioneer Park would be welcomed by their neighbors in Pleasant Grove City; they were wrong.

“It was quite a surprise to us,” said Pokey Pals President Marcia Funebre. “Pioneer Park already has a 40-foot statue of Gumby. We thought that a Pokey would be a good addition.”

The case involves both mainstream Gumbyism and its established Church of The Imaginary Friend and the more exotic sect of Equusism (the worship of large rubber orange horses).

"This is clearly a matter of religious freedom and the Establishment Clause," said Tucker Yap, attorney for The Giddyup Group, a consortium of Equustrians. "Either all monuments to imaginary friends are accepted in a public park or none are. This city cannot chose to prefer one imaginary friend over another."

Attorneys for Pleasant Grove City have countered that the giant statue of Gumby in the public space represents the city's history and that it has no link to establishment of religion.

The Supreme Court heard the case Wednesday, and a verdict is expected by summer.


Anonymous GeorgiaBlue said...

There is only one deity and that diety is the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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A fellow Pastafarian!


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