Monday, October 01, 2007

Fox News Given Award By al Qaeda

Karachi, Pakistan - Today, in a festive black tie gala attended by the world's leading terrorists and their state-sponsored supporters, al Qaeda gave its highest honor, the Golden Snake Award, to the Fox News Channel for their "extraordinary contribution in promoting unending war and helping to fuel hatred against America." Speaking on behalf of al Qaeda was Harry Bin Laden, half-brother to his more famous sibling, Osama.

Harry Bin Laden said, "We are forever indebted to Fox News and Rupert Murdoch for their unwavering support. We could not have asked for a better ally. In just a few short years they have done more for our cause than we could have ever expected. They promoted the silly and wasteful war in Iraq which allowed us to grow stronger in Afghanistan and Pakistan while also providing us with a training base and powerful recruitment tool. Quite simply, Fox News has aided al Qaeda every step of the way and for that we are profoundly grateful. Without Fox News and the other media organizations who followed their lead, there would not have been a war in Iraq and we most certainly would have been defeated in Afghanistan. That is why I am proud to present Fox News with the Golden Snake Award, our greatest and most prestigious honor."

Representatives of Fox News were unavailable for comment following the awards ceremony.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fox Noise should also get special mention for their support for the upcoming war in Iran--after all, we'll win over there is just a few days. But it's all just a preview for their biggest project ever: World War III. What a blockbuster that will be! Kudos Fox!


7:23 AM  
Anonymous joe said...

True, there still is no official response from Fox News. However, on a recent radio broadcast, Bill O'Reilly host of Fox's O'Reilly Factor confessed to his audience that he had accidentally watched the award show and the 10 o'clock news on Al-Jazeera and "couldn't get over the fact that there was no difference between the Arab run propaganda channel and others on cable." The popular talk show host said, "It was just like CNN except that there wasn't any craziness. No stories about Brittney losing custody of her kids, nothing about Hillary's cackle or even one person screaming death to American M.F.ers. The only thing I saw that I considered the least bit offensive was some footage of young, Iraqi civilian war casualties being rushed to the hospital."

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