Wednesday, May 14, 2008

McCain Chews Off Arm To Escape Bush's Embrace

Washington, D.C. - John McCain, who was participating in a photo-op in front of the White House to be used for the Fall campaign, was clearly surprised when President George W. Bush popped out of the Oval Office and warmly embraced him. The mortified senator, who was obviously uncomfortable being seen so closely entwined with the enormously unpopular president, had a terrified look in his eyes as a group of photographers approached.

While trying to maintain an air of dignity, McCain pulled, pushed, poked and pleaded with Bush to release him, all to no avail as the president continued to keep a firm grip on the senator's right arm. Finally, with cameras closing in and seeing no other choice for his political survival, John McCain chewed off his arm just above the elbow and ran to a nearby SUV to complete his escape.

Shortly after the incident, aides to the senator reclaimed McCain's right arm which was then reattached during successful surgery. The photo-op was rescheduled for next week when aides to McCain were assured that the president would be in Crawford, Texas clearing brush.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

McSame should chew his own head off so we can finally be done with his inane ramblings.


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