Sunday, February 11, 2007

Non-Binding Resolution Becomes Political Statement

Washington, D.C. - The House non-binding resolution on the Iraq War is quickly becoming the "must have" political statement for Congress. In addition to Ralph Lauren, other noted designers have expressed interest in helping The House fashion its non-binding resolution.

Bob Mackie, best known for outfitting Cher, is submitting a non-binding resolution with a supportive upfront troop boost coupled with a daring budget plunge. "I think you need a little shock and awe for this resolution," said Mr. Mackie. "The House has to get out there and shake it, make the President notice, show him how it's done. You need bling, fireworks."

Isaac Mizrahi, the Israeli designer has suggested a much different non-binding resolution approach."My resolution is 100% Egyptian cotton and manufactured in China. This represents free trade and a multi-lateral approach to problem solving," explained Mr. Mizrahi. "The resolution itself is a flowing caftan, to preserve its non-binding nature and also to bring in the Middle Eastern flavor."

Like Ralph Lauren's resolution proposal, Mizrahi's resolution has red and white stripes. "The difference between mine and Ralph's" said Mr. Mizrahi, "is that Ralph's stripes are the American flag, while my stripes are a melding of the American flag and the traditional stripes of the souk, the marketplace of ideas. In my resolution cultures coordinate, not clash."

Unlike the other resolutions submitted, the Mizrahi design includes a veil."It's a darling little veil that allows The House to preserve its congressional modesty even while being so bold as to make suggestions to the President," said Mr. Mizrahi. "It's sexy but it's also coy, it's a safe way for The House to flirt with dissent without jumping into bed with the antiwar movement."

Written for Assimilated Press by roving reporter pinko


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