Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lieberman Continues To Slither In Primordial Slime

Is Joe Lieberman the most unethical and dishonest senator in congress or just one of the top five?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why on earth is this snake in "independent" clothing still allowed anywhere near Democratic committees or caucuses?

He epitomizes everything wrong with politics. I hope the people of Connecticut wake up by the time of his next campaign.


2:38 PM  
Blogger Joanie said...

He's #1 of the 5 worst.
On a lighter note, I am curious about your experience at Huffpo. There are many of us, thoughtful and concerned people, who post and yet are banned--most especially about the tactics of their star "citizen journalist" Mayhill Fowler and the truly unethical way in which she obtained her "bitter" and "scumbag" scoops. The really disgusting people in this whole "new" media debacle are the glory seeking editors of OTB, Jay Rosen and Marc Cooper.Every time I mentioned them and their ultimate culpability in my posts, I was censored. I kept trying and now I am banned--for nothing other than thoughtful criticism of their tactics in order to drive readers to the Huffpo. Do you know anything about their editorial structure or how they decide to censor people from posting? I really want to expose them--liberal blog=censorship. I am never censored on dailykos, salon, waPo etc. Now that Huffpo has become the USAtoday of the blogosphere, I will probably get nowhere in my quest, but hey, I want to try. Also would be interested in what your opinions are regarding the "new" media, minus any ethical construct. Do you have an email on this site or did I miss it. Must say I haven't heard of you before but am a great fan of the renegade journalist tradition. Thanks for your time. Is there a way for me to send you my email address?


7:22 PM  
Blogger Virt said...

I can be reached at in_virtuality@yahoo.com

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been going to Huffingpost for some time now, and have been dismayed at its steady decline. I don't know about bloggers being censored and banned, but do know there have been many complaints. Especially disappointing are its sensational and quite often misleading headlines.

I find alternet.org and truthout.org to be very informative and less USA Today-ish.


10:34 AM  

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