Saturday, June 24, 2006

White House Reliance On Buffoons & Demagogues Causing Shortage

The Bush administration's heavy reliance on buffoons and demagogues for high positions in government has led to a serious shortage of buffoons and demagogues in the private sector. This is causing concern among industry executives. E. M. Bezzel of Amalgamated General Industries Inc. stated at a recent business conference in the Bahamas that "No other administration in modern history has employed so many people of such limited talent. This has caused us a lot of difficulties and greatly reduced our employee base. We need those people to overlook our mistakes and rubber stamp our decisions. They can't all be in government"

Although this shortage has been felt by most businesses outside of the government, Fox News and other cable organizations continue to enjoy a well-stocked inventory of buffoons and demagogues. However, even they are feeling the strain as many of their buffoons and demagogues migrate to lucrative positions in the White House. These positions in the Bush administration are highly sought after because they come with an extremely generous benefits package that includes cash payments, luxury vacations and the occasional services of high priced prostitutes.


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