Friday, June 15, 2007

Chris Matthews Loves Aqua Velva Men

New York, New York - Once again, showing his predilection for men who talk tough and smell manly, Chris Matthews has professed his enormous attraction for the former lobbyist and current television actor Fred Thompson. Said Matthews, "You know, I just love the way Fred Thompson smells. I can't get enough of his aroma. When he walks into a room I get light-headed and my temples start to throb. I even fainted once or twice when he shook my hand."

Matthews then went on to say that his idea of a dream vacation would be two weeks in Bermuda with Fred Thompson in an ocean front cottage and all of the Chardonnay they could drink.

MSNBC has said in the past that Matthews' love interests which have included George W. Bush, Rudi Giuliani and John McCain, will not affect his ability to disparage Democrats for being weak, un-American and unmanly.


Anonymous Erika said...

How can anyone take Chris Matthews seriously?

8:53 PM  

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