Thursday, September 06, 2007

Today's Daily Quiz: September 6, 2007

It is a given that the Republican Party leadership in Congress is corrupt and there was great joy in some circles when they lost both houses. However, major corporations are now purchasing the Democratic leadership so that their lobbyists can write legislation that Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid will rubber stamp. This is clearly shown in the so-called "Patent Reform" legislation known as H.R. 1908. Has the Democratic Party leadership become as corrupt as the Republicans?

Previous DQ: Should the Supreme Court's five extreme right-wing justices be forced to wear clown costumes given their performance over the past year?
Answer: Click here to see the definitive answers from Anonymous, Lilith, Mike, and stogoe.


Blogger Mike Rappaport said...

Asking if Democrats can be as corrupt as Republicans is a sad question, because Republicans have been proud masters of corruption since the Gilded Age.

In fact, it was William McKinley who allowed the first lobbyist to sleep over in the Lincoln Bedroom, while Democrats in those days were on the picket line with labor organizers eating beans out of tin cans.

But in the end, rich rubs off and nobody wants to be a rube.

There are currently secret talks going on in Washington to merge the two parties into one, which would be known as Republicrats.

The opposition would be known as the Little People, in honor of Leona Helmsley's "only the little people pay taxes."

12:54 PM  
Anonymous GeorgiaBlue said...

I agree with Mike. It is a sad question to ask. You expect corruption and open bribery from the Republicans but not so much from the Democrats.

The Democrats have been a huge disappointment since taking over Congress. It looks like the only way we are ever going to get an honest government is through publicly financed elections.

2:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rep. Howard Berman of California who is leading the effort to destroy the patent system is a perfect example of the corrupt Democrat who is no different from the run of the mill corrupt Republican. His pockets are being stuffed with cash from some giant corporations and he is doing their bidding. It is shameful that Pelosi is letting herself be party to this bribery.

7:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think as a general rule, Democrats are fully as corrupt financially as Republicans, but they're not even in the same league when it comes to warmongering, fearmongering, and the march toward World War III.

But don't worry, they're catching up!


7:08 AM  
Anonymous givingupondems said...

I've voted for Democrats my whole life but I've had it. Next election I'm staying home. I've given up on the Democrats.

9:25 AM  
Anonymous joe said...

"Meet the new boss! Same as the old boss!" - the Who

I can't agreee totally that the Dems are as corrupt as the Repugs, but they are awfully close. i'm going to wait and see how the upcoming battle of Iraq war funding plays out before I completely give up on the Dems.

A comments and a suggestion for another daily quiz question:

1) Intriguing questions raised about the nukes being left on the B-52. Thanks for the link.

2)Possible daily quiz question: How would a "get of Iraq ASAP" Repub fare in the '08 presidential election?

12:21 PM  

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