Saturday, September 08, 2007

Today's Daily Quiz: September 8, 2007

The Times of London says that the Pentagon has drawn up plans to destroy Iran's entire military in just 3 days. What's your guess for kickoff time?

Today's DQ courtesy of pinko

Previous DQ: How would a "get out of Iraq as soon as possible" Republican fare in the '08 election?
Answer (thanks to pinko and her comments on joe's DQ): "As soon as possible" would be a good phrase because when is "possible"? When there is a stable government? When there is a signed Constitution? When there are no more militias because they killed each other off? When our military is completely broken?

Actually, a Republican who said "We need to leave Iraq as soon as possible", without setting a date and letting the audience decide what "possible" means, would do quite well. He'd get credit in the media for being "realistic" about Iraq, he'd get votes from those who'll say "At least HE's talking about getting out!" and he'd also get votes from those who'll say "Of course we'll leave as soon as it's possible for us to leave - that's always been the plan."

Joe, you may have struck gold here. :-D


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