Monday, December 31, 2007

Years 2000 To 2008 Officially Named 'The Bush Catastrophe'

Washington, D.C. - The International Association of Lexicographers today announced that the period of American history that encompasses the years 2000 through 2008 would henceforth be known as The Bush Catastrophe to signify the tremendous amount of damage to the United States and the world that the Presidency of George W. Bush and the rule of the Republican Party has wrought.

The Bush Catastrophe now joins The McCarthy Era, The Inquisition, and The Dark Ages in the pantheon of lexicography for terms of art regarding the most devastating of calamities to befall a civilization.


Blogger LaPopessa said...

As powerful a word as it is, catastrophe doesn't seem enough for what the past 7 years have been.

Best wishes to all of us in surviving 2008 in Bush world.

4:31 PM  
Anonymous GeorgiaBlue said...

Yes, best wishes are in order. Happy new year everyone!

5:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And a special Happy New Year to Virt and Pinko, for keeping us informed. I hope the Thought Police don't get you:

Be safe, and if you can't be safe, be lucky!


9:34 AM  
Anonymous Lilith said...

Yee haw! I can feel my IQ drop just at the thought of one more year with George!

8:27 PM  
Blogger Mike Rappaport said...

Me too, Lilith. We need to all drink beer, watch "American Idol," listen to hillbilly music and have wild sex to celebrate Ol' Dubya.

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike Rappaport said "have wild sex to celebrate Ol' Dubya".

We have been screwed by w for the past 7 years. How much sex can you handle? Me? I'm tired. Good night. and good luck.

8:30 AM  

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