Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Al Qaeda Gives Bush Award For Aiding Recruitment

Karachi, Pakistan - In their yearly awards ceremony, televised live throughout the entire Middle East, Al Qaeda today bestowed upon President George W. Bush their highest honor, the Golden Codpiece, in recognition of his many contributions to Al Qaeda over the last six years.

Presenting the award was Omar Ali, head of Al Qaeda's human resources division, who said "We are deeply indebted to President Bush. Nowhere in our wildest dreams did we believe he would be such a good ally to Al Qaeda and its many affiliates around the world. Six years ago, we were on our last legs and it was very difficult to attract fresh recruits who were willing to blow themselves up. Now, we have a long list of volunteers waiting to join the organization as well as a wonderful training facility in Iraq, all courtesy of the great George W. Bush. The best friend we could have ever hoped for."

Previous winners of the Golden Codpiece were Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Joe Lieberman and Condoleeza Rice.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

does anyone (anyone who gives the story a few moments of serious thinking)doubt that the Bush and Saudi families created this Goldstein character, named Osama ?

Qui Bono ?

~ Sean

4:28 AM  

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