Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bush To Run In '08 Says Cheney

Washington, D.C. - Vice President Cheney speaking today before the Heritage Freedom From Islamofacism and the Enemies of Tax Cuts Foundation said that President Bush is considering running during the coming 2008 presidential election.

Mr. Cheney said "As you all know, our system of government currently does not allow a President to fill more than two terms. This restriction on the Executive was never the intent of the Founders, and as former Attorney General Ashcroft reminded us 'The Constitution is not a suicide pact.' America must keep pace with the other nations of the world. We can not be left behind in the race for leadership."

Citing the recent examples of elections in Pakistan and Russia, Mr. Cheney said, "President Musharraf, one of America's best allies, recently sacrificed his role as general to be able to serve the people of Pakistan. No doubt President Musharraf wanted to stay General Musarraf; no doubt he wanted to stay in the job he loved so much. But he felt his country needed him and him alone, so General Musharraf made the sacrifice to become President Musharraf."

"President Putin, a man whose soul our own president has seen, is poised to become Prime Minister of Russia. Mr. Putin has managed democracy, freedom and truth like no other during his many years as Russia's president. Certainly no one in Russia deserves to give it a rest more than he does. But President Putin has bravely determined that no matter what the cost he will lead his nation as long as he possibly can."

"There will always be those sunshine patriots who will say 'I've done my part, let somebody else do the hard work; it's not my job anymore.' But a true patriot, a true lover of his country understands that the work is never done, that the hard jobs are still out there and that somebody has to do them. That's why President George W. Bush needs to continue on being our president. As much as he and Laura would like to go home to the ranch and relax, he knows that his country needs him. He is willing to make that personal sacrifice. He is willing to do the hard job. He is willing to serve. That's why we, as patriotic Americans, need to clear the petty obstacles out of his way. That's why we, as people who love America, need to allow him to continue as the leader of the best country in the world; so that America can stay the best country in the world, today, tomorrow and always. God bless you. God bless America."

The vice president's remarks were punctuated by frequent applause from the audience culminating in a sustained standing ovation.

Written for Assimilated Press by roving reporter pinko


Anonymous GeorgiaBlue said...

First Daddy Bush and now shrub Bush. What next, Jeb and then the twins? How much damage to a country can one family cause?

Let's make Bush Emperor of Kennebunkport and give him a fancy uniform so he will leave the rest of us alone.

10:44 AM  

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