Thursday, May 24, 2007

Democrats Need Powder Milk Biscuits

Washington, D.C. - As Democrats once again prepare to capitulate to the threats and taunts of President Bush and his supporters in the media over the authorization of another "blank check" funding bill for the Iraq war, worried constituents across the nation have organized and are responding with a massive grass roots campaign to send each and every member of Congress a packet of powder milk biscuits in the hope that it will increase their intestinal fortitude to make the correct and principled decision and not act out of fear or reckless self-interest.

This extraordinary effort by the citizens of the United States to have their voices heard by their representatives is already having a profound impact. Congressional offices are reporting that they are being overwhelmed with deliveries of powder milk biscuits and that this is causing many members of Congress to reconsider their support for the "blank check" funding bill that will be voted on soon.

Commenting on this latest development, Garrison Keilor said, "Powder milk biscuits, they give you the strength to get up and do what needs to be done."


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