Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bush Interview Pt. 2: Coming Soon!

In part 2 of the Bush interview the President talks about Laura's infidelity with Vice President Cheney, his disappointment in the American people, and his goal of one day finishing My Pet Goat.


Anonymous pinko said...

This is somewhat off-topic from Bush Interview, Part 2, which I'm greatly looking forward to :-)
but FYI to AP readers:

TalkingPointsMemo is asking for volunteers to vet the 3,000+ documents the DoJ has released in relation to the 8 fired US attys.

The DoJ link is http://judiciary.house.gov/

Talking Points link to read others' comments and to help out with your own is http://www.tpmmuckraker.com/archives/002809.php

This is NOT a site to air your feelings; this is a democracy in action blogosphere effort to contribute to analyzing this overwhelming mass of documents rather than leaving it up to the MSM.

Several very insightful comments have come out from the blogosphere so far, including the heads up that some of these released docs are noteworthy for what they so far fail to contain, such as any reference at all to Carol Lam. These 3000 docs are redacted and a very well-scrubbed data dump, but even so, they were released relatively quickly; let's not forget that ineptitude permeates the entire administration, so there are useful nuggets to find, things conspicuous by their absence, and further questions to be raised.

If you have the time, or can sacrifice a few hours to make the time, check out the comments, pick a doc that no one has analyzed yet or that has only a couple of comments and then post your relevant findings on the post.


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