Tuesday, April 03, 2007

TIME Magazine & Republican Party Admit to Sharing Offices & Staff

Washington, D.C. - TIME Magazine today admitted that they share both offices and staff with the Republican Party. Acknowledging that this unusual arrangement does have an influence on their reporting, TIME nevertheless insisted that the deal was too good for them to refuse.

TIME Managing Editor Rick Stengel commenting on their close association with the Republican Party said, "Look, it's not about journalism. It's never been about journalism. It's about making money and creating a cheap product we can shovel into the public trough of the marketplace without upsetting our advertisers or corporate masters who are overwhelmingly Republican. A dog doesn't bite the hand that is buttering its bread, or something like that. You know what I mean."

Jay Carney, TIME’s Washington Bureau Chief, added his thoughts on the matter by saying, "Yeah, we share offices with the Republican Party and use their people for most of our research. Hell, they even write stories for us. So what? It saves us a lot of time and money. Just today, I was able to go home early and take a nap because one of Karl Rove's assistants was considerate enough to write a story for me on how Hillary Clinton wears boxer shorts. All I had to do was put my name on it and poof, it was done. How could we refuse that kind of help."

In an related development, the Washington Post today announced that they will be terminating the majority of their staff who will then be replaced by interns supplied by the National Association of College Republicans and Pat Robertson's Regent University.


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